Passionate about sharing the love of our gracious God, tgWordMinistry International has been birthed by Minister Teri Gibson.  This is an Apostolic Ministry.  She has been a Sunday School teacher for over 20 years.  Her ministry was birthed at Apostolic House of Prayer of All Nations in Chicago, IL.  She moved to Boston after marriage and taught Sunday School at New Life Restoration Church for five years and now teaching at Bethlehem Healing Temple Church over 18 years.   Now, Sunday School classes are videotaped and shared on Periscope Live and on the tgWordMinistry Facebook Page.  She creates courses and webinars for Christian Lifestyle Transformation Coaching and Living the Christian Lifestyle.  We are excited about this journey!



God, who is our Creator and our Father, has called us to create a different style ministry. We answered His call and we are excited to do the work he directs. Diligently, we seek new opportunities to celebrate His grace through his son Jesus Christ.  We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach His Word, which brings deliverance from sin and salvation, because of the work on the Cross of Jesus Christ.  We seek guidance through the Holy Spirit to teach the principles of the Kingdom of God.